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Group Counseling

Group Counseling can often serve as an excellent way to help you accomplish your goals. Often people are a little nervous about joining a counseling group, however the good news is that everyone usually feels a little nervous, so it quickly dissipates, and research shows that it is a very effective therapeutic modality. Group counseling can serve to help you feel that you belong to a group, you are not alone, there are others who experience issues common to your own, and you have a safe place to express feelings, understand yourself, provide and receive feedback, be introduced to alternative perspectives, and are able to share as well as hear about other people’s experiences.






 The following groups may be available:

·         Body Politics Women’s Group

·         Sharing Women’s Wisdom Group

·         Lesbian / Bisexual / Queer / Questioning Women’s Group

·         Coping with Discrimination Women’s Group

If you are interested in joining a group, please call or email to find out what groups are currently running, and for a pre-group screening.

All potential group members must attend a pre-group screening before attending the group. Each group does not work on a drop-in basis and requires a commitment of 8-12 sessions. If we both feel that the group is a good fit for you, I ask that you make a commitment to come every session on time and call or email to cancel if you are not able to make it due to illness or unexpected emergency. Group counseling operates on a self-pay basis only of $30 per group session.

I ask that all group members adhere to Group Agreements. I will provide them to you and explain them during the pre-group screening.

Body Politics: Women, Food, and Body Image

It is not surprising that many, if not most women struggle to even consider the possibilities of a peaceful, loving, healthy relationship with their bodies and with food. This group is designed for women of all ages, ethnicities, abilities, and sizes to explore the personal, interpersonal, and social issues related to food, fat, body image, eating disorders, and self-acceptance. If you want to find a more accepting way to live with food and your body, please join us for a confidential, safe group.

Sharing Women’s Wisdom Group

The focus of this group is to share the richness and complexity of women’s lives. We live in a world where women’s voices are often silenced. This group offers a place for women share their own wisdom with one another, and to be truly seen and heard and their experiences honored.

LBQ: Lesbian / Bisexual / Queer / Questioning Group

This group offers a safe place to dialogue with other women about your experiences that may include living on the margins and in the closet. Come to expand your consciousness and your social network. Topics may include relationship beginnings and endings, coming out to self and others, starting families and parenting, social networking, questioning your sexual identity, or creating and participating in healthy LBQ culture.

Finding our Voice: Coping with Discrimination Group

Are you a woman of color who feels that you are facing discrimination in your work place, school, or community? As women of color who come from a variety of backgrounds (e.g., Hispanic/Latina, African American/Black, Asian American, Pacific Islander, American Indian, Middle Eastern/Arab American, and others), we have experiences that are unique to our individual backgrounds but also hold many common connections. This group can provide a safe place to share some of our struggles as well as some of our ways of coping, strengths, and resources.





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